We Take Bad Information, and Clean it Up!

Do you have some information on your website or social media that you would just love for it to go away? Well, we can actually take that bad information that is bogging you down and clean it up! Sometimes people write things that are just not a good representation of you or your business. For whatever reason they wrote it maybe they were just having a bad day and needed to vent. Unfortunately, you were probably just in the crossfire. Although we do feel reviews are important for the general public, we feel that some of the reviews are down right damaging and vicious to ones business, reputation and even possibly their own self esteem. We know that it is really hard to please everyone. Sometimes you may have just had a bad day and did not go the extra mile that you normally do. Hey, we are all entitled to a bad day here and there. This is why we feel it is very important to have a tool that can reverse the damaging effects and wipe it out.

Clean Up 1


What really got us started is competitors writing bad reviews. This is down right not fair! They are clearly and deliberately trying to take away from your business for personal gain. Once we saw how great of an impact we were making, we decided to help out others in the same predicament. Marketing and SEO company Soderman Marketing suggest that Social media can be an excellent way for business owners to get out there with their local market. They can share freely some of the sales, discounts, and even have contests. These powerful tools generates many viewers to their pages daily. Alternatively, it can also enable your viewers and target market to share their story as well. If a customer had a bad experience in your store or a bad service they can easily write a bad review or comment on your social media page. The damage immediately takes effect. Luckily you can block some posts and comments but unfortunately it can still be seen by some viewers in some way or another. Media cleansing is your answer. Leave the work to us to clean up the dirt and move on.


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